Social Media Guide for Firms 


Why is social media important?

  • With more than two billion people on Facebook, 600 million on Instagram and roughly 400 million on Twitter, there are new ways to connect and reach consumers.
  • With smartphones, more people than ever are connected to and are receiving their news from social media.


What are the benefits of using social media for recalls?

  • Social media increases awareness and exposure of the recall announcement.
  • Firms can use social media to learn about their target audience, gather feedback, tailor messaging to consumers who purchased the recalled product, and enhance customer service.
  • Social media is free!


What social media platforms should be used? Should a firm use more than one social media platform? 

  • There are many different types of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, Google +, and more (See examples of social media platform posts below).
  • Firms should post recall information on all active social media platforms.
  • Firms with a large number of social media accounts should use their most active social platforms to announce a recall (the accounts with the most “likes/followers”). 


What information should be included in a recall post on my social media platforms?

  • Product Name, Hazard, Remedy: Firms should provide the name of the recalled product, hazard, and remedy. Be concise and creative in your message.
  • Photo: The post should include at least one photo of the product.
  • Website Link: A link to the CPSC press release and/or the firm’s website or video demonstrating the recall should be included in the post. Consumers can click to find more information.
  • #Recall hashtag: Use hashtags to help consumers find your post. We suggest (#recall) and any hashtags your firm may use in marketing the product.
  • Featured Post: The post should be prominently displayed for at least 120 days, using features such as pinning the post, multiple postings, or paying for the post.
  • Video: Firms should consider posting how-to-videos on YouTube or other sources to assist consumers in making repairs on recalled products, when applicable.
  • Here are examples of videos with detailed instructions on the repair of a recalled unit: 

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How should you respond to comments/inquiries on  social media?

  • Firms should acknowledge customer inquiries by responding on the social media platform at least once.
  • If the inquiry requires further communication with the customer, direct the conversation off social media by providing a phone number or email to allow the customer to contact the firm’s customer service team directly.

 Should recalls be shared on blogs/advertorial/forums?

  • Firms are encouraged to share information about the recall on virtual bulletin boards and through established “blogging” networks (subject to review and approval by CPSC staff).
  • If a blogger reviewed the product before the recall, reach out and ask them to post recall information.    


How can retailers help announce a recall?

  • Firms should encourage retailers to post the recall on their website and use social media platforms. 
  • Some retailers have loyalty/reward cards that will enable direct contact with consumers who purchased the recalled product. Firms should encourage retailers to use that information to send consumers the recall notice via email or text message. Please follow the appropriate regulations. 


What if the recalled product has its own app?

  • Some consumer products come with or operate using an app. This feature enables firms to send consumers a recall message directly. Some examples are Apple and Android cell phones, wireless fitness trackers, watches and off-road vehicles.
  • Messages can go to all users with the installed app.              
  • Send brief messages to communicate the recall.
  • Provide messages that pop up on a phone with action needed to remove the message.
  • Make sure messages can be tracked.
  • There are several types of messages: pop-ups, badges, and banners.   

Recalled firms are encouraged to work with the CPSC’s Office of Compliance to develop an agreed upon social media plan that is implemented each time you put a corrective action plan into effect.



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