Website Posting Guideline

A website notification is a public announcement of a product recall that uses the recalling firm’s website/home page as a vehicle to announce a recall.  It serves as a visual information guide for consumers about a product recall.  Below are certain guidelines firms should follow: 

  • Placement
    • On the firm's homepage (or the first entry point to the firm's website), there should be a separate “icon” (such as a button, banner, carousel, scrolling message, or graphic) with the word “Recall” used. The recall icon should be eye catching and conspicuous. The icon should stand out, and not be hidden at the bottom of the site or in the fine print. Firms must post the recall icon on their main website, not on a corporate/shareholder site. (See below for website icons and other posting examples)
    • The recall page should only include information about the recall. There should not be any sales or marketing information (pop-up screens) on the recall notification page. Include all text (verbatim) in the CPSC/Firm joint press release/recall alert, a color photo of the recalled products, and any model or serial numbers that identify the recalled products. Firms should post or link to the final version of the CPSC-issued joint press release.  
  • Prominence and Timing
    • Place the icon in a prominent location while Compliance is monitoring the recall.
    • The recall announcement should remain on the firm’s website indefinitely.
    • PDF documents are not easily searchable; use html text.
  • Coordination
    • Provide a visual mock-up of the proposed notice and recall icon placement for CPSC approval before posting on your website.
    • Coordinate with CPSC and other government agencies to ensure recall notice is posted online at the same time, if possible.
    • Ask retailers or other sources to announce your recall on their website.  Use your website to share social media links for easy access.

Website Registration

Website registration is a tool available to firms that enables consumers to register directly online for the recall.  Consumers can determine whether they have the recalled product by using this system.  Website registration provides firms with an updated customer list, decreases telephone traffic and holds times, and enhances customer satisfaction.  Some systems may be linked directly to social media posts. 

Here are examples of website registration:


                          Website Posting Examples

Here is an example of a website carousel:


Here is an example of a website button:


Here are examples of website banners:

Here is an example of a recall website with registration and link:


Here is an example of recall history listing: